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Sorry if I spammed someone, it's X-POSTED everywhere!

Hey all! I hope there is no problem with me doing this!

Anyway, what I'm doing is advertising a community!

This is a community for you to share Harry Potter or Harry Potter related music videos. I cross-post it everywhere, because I think if you're any kind of Harry Potter fan (any character, ship etc) and like making music vids, you might enjoy this community!

You can make videos concentrating on any ship, character, idea, group, etc. Even HP actors! The options are countless!

One more exciting thing that make this community interesting are monthly (sometimes weekly) challenges! A challenge for videos can be anything - a ship, a song, an idea, a band etc. I take ideas for them! ;) The best and most creative challenges will be presented!

I don't have any members yet, because I just started it now, July 25, 4AM, so don't get scared off if there aren't any members yet. I think it could be a very neat community, so I hope you join.


Check it out!!!
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